Autors: Kostov, I. Y., Shakev, N. G.
Title: Application of Texas Instruments Controllers for Electric Drives Control
Keywords: Electric Drives, Controller, Application, Control

Abstract: This study presents Texas Instruments (TI) hardware, technology, and software for electric drives control based on the company's microcontroller families. The main characteristics and distinctive features of the company's solutions are considered through reference design kits. The Laboratory of the Technical University - Sofia, Branch Plovdiv for specialized electric drive control systems in robotics, built with the solutions of TI, is presented.



    Journal of the Technical University - Sofia Plovdiv branch, Bulgaria “Fundamental Sciences and Applications”, vol. 1, pp. 12, 2021, Bulgaria, Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 2603-459X

    Copyright Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, Bulgaria

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