Autors: Kostov, I. Y.
Title: Tuning of Control Loops of Electric Drives in Mechatronic Systems
Keywords: Mechatronic System, Electric Drives, Closed Loop, Control, T

Abstract: The aim of the research is to assist the analysis and synthesis of controllers in the Electric Drives (ED) in mechatronic systems by studying current, speed and positional loops in adjustable electric drives. An approach for the synthesis of current, speed, and positional optimal regulators is presented. Based on the differential equations of the objects and their functional relations with the regulators, dynamic simulation procedures of given quality are obtained. Generalized structures of the considered EDs are derived and parameterized. The validity of the obtained results is confirmed by simulation verification procedures. The modeling is carried out by the MATLAB Simulink software. The approach is applicable to the synthesis of ED for mechatronic systems with DC and AC motors.



    Fundamental Sciences and Applications, vol. 26, issue 1, pp. 1, 2020, Bulgaria, Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 2603-459X

    Copyright Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, Bulgaria

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