Autors: Stefanov, I. Z., Denev, N. P., Donkov, S. D.
Title: Video analysis of the damped oscillations of Pohl's pendulum
Keywords: Pohl’s pendulum, damped oscillations, magnetic brake, non-li

Abstract: In this paper problems that arose with the introduction of distance learning in physics at the Technical University of Sofia due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of video recording of laboratory exercises are indicated. It was found that the video for the Damped Mechanical Oscillations exercise provides enough information for a more detailed and in-depth analysis of the studied phenomenon compared to the standard way of capturing the data. The Video Editor program was used to view the video frame by frame and statistical processing - non-linear regression - was performed with the recorded data. The laboratory results are compared with the theoretical function, the parameters of which are optimized as a result of the specified processing. A theoretical model of the damped oscillation is described and the dependence of the damping coefficient on the current through the electromagnetic brake is theoretically investigated.



    Romanian Reports in Physics, vol. 74, pp. 909, 2022, Romania, Editura Academiei Romane, ISSN 1221-1451

    Copyright Editura Academiei Romane

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