Autors: Kostov, M. S., Todorov, T. S., Mitrev, R. P., Kamberov, K. H., Nikolov, R. F.
Title: A Study of a Bistable Reciprocating Piston Pump Driven by Shape Memory Alloys and Recuperative Springs
Keywords: bistable mechanism; shape memory alloys; reciprocating pump;

Abstract: This paper presents and examines a new design concept for a bistable reciprocating piston pump. The bistable pump mechanism belongs to the bistable mechanisms, which have two stable positions at the end of the suction and discharge strokes. The transition between the stable positions is achieved by using triggering force at each beginning of suction and discharge and subsequent movement using a recuperative spring. In this mechanism, the triggering forces are created by two Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires. Geometric and force expressions for the pump suction and discharge strokes are derived. Additional equations are obtained for the balance of moments for the two stable equilibrium positions and the unstable position in the middle of the stroke. Numerical studies have been conducted for the suction and discharge strokes, considering the force exerted by the gas on the piston, which is modelled by an indicator diagram assuming a polytropic process.



    Actuators, vol. 12, issue 90, pp. act12020090, 2023, Switzerland, MDPI

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