Autors: Stoykova, S. G.
Title: Analysis of the Implementation of Circular Economy in Electronics Industries
Keywords: circular economy, traditional linear economy, sustainable ma

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to introduce the basic principles of the circular economic model and offer suggestions for an easier transition from traditional linear business models to circular economy as required by EU policies and regulations. The performed study of European companies outlines the most significant economic barriers when introducing the circular economic model to production plants in the electronic industry. Despite significant challenges in the implementation of the circular economic model, high levels of sustainability can be achieved without diminishing the profitability of the business or reducing the number of available products and services.The key aspects of a successful transition to circular economy include: minimization of waste through recycling and requirements for extended product maintenance; raising awareness about sustainability in target customer groups; changes in product and process design that allow for subsequent repair or reuse of the end product.



    YOUTH FORUMS "SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION, BUSINESS - 2021, autumn, pp. 147-152, 2021, Bulgaria, СНЦ „ТО на НТС с Дом на науката и техниката - Пловдив”, ISSN 2367 - 8569

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