Autors: Hrischev, R. N., Shakev, N. G., Stoykova, S. G.
Title: Application of Artificial Intelligence in ERP Systems
Keywords: Artifactual Intelligence AI, ERP systems

Abstract: The article presents a study of the implementation of applications with AI elements in modern ERP systems. In recent years, with the digitization of manufacturing and the globalization of the economy, the implementation of ERP systems has become a necessary condition for the effective functioning of the industry. Developers of ERP systems had to find tools to optimize the functionality of the systems offered. AI turned out to be such a tool. Applications with integrated AI initially dealt with data analysis, then with planning optimization, and now they are at the heart of the automation of business management processes. The main functionalities with built-in AI in modern ERP systems are presented.



    Journal of Informatics and Innovative Technologies, issue 4, pp. 43-48, 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN: 2682 – 9517 (print) ISSN: 2683 – 0930 (online)

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