Autors: Mitrev, R. P., Panov, V. K., Ivanova, M. J.
Title: Trajectory Planning of a Robotic Construction Manipulator Motion Based on a Fifth-Degree Polynomial with Preassigned Maximum Velocity and Acceleration
Keywords: trajectory planning, preassigned maximum velocity and accele

Abstract: The paper presents the synthesis of a trajectory with preassigned maximum velocity and acceleration when planning the longitudinal horizontal motion of a robotic construction manipulator. The trajectory includes fifth-degree polynomial periods of acceleration and stopping and an intermediate section with uniform motion. Three possible cases are considered depending on the preset displacement and the preassigned maximum speed and acceleration. When the preset displacement is greater than the computed limit displacement, it is possible for the trajectory to be entirely polynomial or with polynomial periods of acceleration and stopping and an intermediate section with uniform motion. Using a numerical example, a comparison was made between two trajectories, and it was found that for the trajectory with a uniform section the duration of motion is 34% shorter and the preassigned maximum values of the speed and acceleration are achieved. To evaluate the behaviour of the dynamic system under


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