Autors: Penyashki T., Kostadinov G., Dimitrova, R. B., Kamburov, V. V., Kandeva, M. K., Valkanov, S. T., Nikolov, A. A., Elenov B.
Title: Improving Surface Properties of Titanium Alloys by Electrospark Deposition with Low Pulse Energy
Keywords: electrospark deposition, roughness, microhardness, carbide m

Abstract: In this work, coatings of composite carbide materials applied via electrospark deposition (ESD) with a low pulse energy on the most widely used titanium alloy Ti6Al4V and on a commercially pure titanium Ti-GR2 were obtained and studied. Dense coatings with sparse micropores and roughness Ra 2–5 μm, thickness 10–25 μm, and microhardness up to 3–4 times higher than those of the substrate were obtained. The influence of the electrode materials and the energy parameters of the ESD process on the roughness, thickness, microhardness, composition, and structure of the coatings and on their wear resistance were studied. A comparative analysis of the qualitative characteristics, composition, structure, and properties of the obtained coatings was made. The results of comparative studies at dry friction show that coatings from the TiCN-based composite electrodes, of the multicomponent ones based on WC, TiB2, and B4C, and from the electrodes based on TiB2 with nanostructured additives can achieve.



    Surface Engineering Applied Electrochemistry Journal, vol. vol. 58, pp. 580-593, 2022, Moldova, ISBN ISSN: 1068-3755

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