Autors: Penyashki T., Kostadinov G., Nikolov, A. A., Dimitrova, R. B., Kamburov, V. V., Kandeva, M. K.
Title: Criteria and approaches when choosing an electrode material to increase the wear resistance of titanium alloys by Electro Spark Deposition
Keywords: electrical spark deposition, titanium alloys, hardalloyed co

Abstract: Electrical spark deposition ESD is one of the lightest, cheapest and most promising technologies for creating coatings for various purposes on titanium products. However, the use of this method does not always lead to satisfactory results due to the choice of electrode materials unsuitable for the specific products and operating conditions. In this paper the basic criteria, principles and approaches for the selection of suitable materials to increase the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of titanium alloys by electrospark deposition are formulated and presented. The requirements for coatings are defined for different loads and cases of wear and on this basis the requirements for ESD materials are determined. From the numerous materials for ESD, the ones suitable for increasing the hardness and wear resistance of titanium surfaces have been selected and presented. Author's results are given, which illustrate the described approaches and principles.



    13th National Conference with International Participation "Electronica 2022", 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN: 1068-3755

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