Autors: Yordanov, D. E., Mateev, V. M., Marinova, I. Y.
Title: Energy Consumption Monitoring of FPGA Controller
Keywords: Application programs; Controllers; Electric power utilizatio

Abstract: This paper investigates the energy consumption of a microcontroller with an embedded FPGA microprocessor. Three programs combining logical operators typical for optimal control algorithm applications are implemented, and their energy consumption is estimated. Measurement setup for direct voltage and current measurements have been designed and used for FPGA controller testing during dynamic operation. The power and energy consumption have been calculated, and longterm power supply considerations have been made. Discussion on di/dt dynamics requirements estimation, for battery supplied IoT controllers, is also made.



    14th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference (BulEF), pp. 1-5, 2022, Bulgaria, IEEE Xplore, ISBN 978-1-6654-9026-9

    Copyright IEEE

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