Autors: Zarkov, Z. J., Milenov, V. A.
Title: DC-DC Converter for Adaptation of Thin-Film PV Panel I-V Characteristics for Microinverter
Keywords: Photovoltaic panel, DC-DC converter, microinverter

Abstract: With increasing uncertainty in the supply of the main energy carriers (gas and oil), as well as the increasing cost of electricity on a European scale, the use of small photovoltaic systems (PV), is gaining more and more interest. The development of power electronic technologies would help the faster implementation of small PV systems in households and in places without an electricity grid. In the present work, the focus is placed on the modeling of a DC-DC converter for connecting a thin-film PV panel to a microinverter. The goal is to integrate such a converter to connect the panel to the microinverter seamlessly. The volt-ampere characteristic of the panel is transformed by the converter so that the PV module voltage matches the input voltage of the microinverter. A simulation model of the system involving thin-film PV panel, DC-DC converter and input stage of the microinverter with MPPT controller was developed in Matlab/Simulink environment.



    2022 International Conference on Communications, Information, Electronic and Energy Systems (CIEES), 2022, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/CIEES55704.2022.9990886

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