Autors: Mihov, G. S., Badarov, D. H.
Title: Improved Adaptive Approach for Suppression of 1st and 3th Harmonic of Mains Interference in ECG Signals
Keywords: 1st and 3th harmonic; adaptive filters; ECG signals; interfe

Abstract: This paper presents an improved adaptive method for first and third harmonic removal of mains interference from ECG signals. The method applies two notch filters removing the first and third harmonics of the interference, respectively. The adaptation of the first harmonic notch filter is performed by changing one of its coefficients according to the variations of the mains frequency. The corresponding coefficient in the third harmonic notch filter is recalculated on the base of the first harmonic notch filter's coefficient. The adapted two notch filters are pipelined on the ECG signal. Multiple experiments were performed on real ECG signals with sampling rates from 400 to 180000 Hz to which a synthesized mains interference was added. The experiments were performed in the MATLAB environment.



    31st International Scientific Conference Electronics, ET 2022 - Proceedings, 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-166549878-4

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