Autors: Mihalev, M. S., Hardalov, C. M., Christov, C. G., Leiste, H.
Title: A Study of Hardness and Adhesion of Laser Bonded MoO3 Layers on Stainless Steel
Keywords: laser, laser bonding, transition metal oxide, catastrophic o

Abstract: Laser bonding is a process of preparing coatings of oxides, mainly from transition metals, which are irradiated by a power laser. The oxide powder undergoes different physical and chemical transitions and a layer over the substrate is produced. The long life-time and the hardness of the marking coatings are results of the adhesion to the stainless steel surface. In this work a coating of MoO3 has been produced by laser bonding. The geometrical and mechanical properties have been studied by a scratch test. A scratch test consists in scratching of the coating by a Rockwell-shape indenter with linear growing load, while the sample is moved with constant velocity. The thickness of the coating has been evaluated. The Rockwell hardness has been calculated and values, comparable with these of the stainless steel have been obtained. These data and the behavior of the coating during the test point to a very good adhesion to the metal surface.


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XXIII National scientific symposium with international participation Metrology and Metrology Assurance 2013, September 9-13, 2013, Sozopol, Bulgaria: Proceedings, pp. 226-231, 2013, Bulgaria,

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