Autors: Hranov, T. H., Hinov, N. L., Maslyaniy, K.
Title: Investigation of a Contactless Power Transmission System Based on a Resonant Inverter
Keywords: Contactless Power Transmission; Resonant Inverter; Qi 1.2

Abstract: This paper's purpose is to demonstrate how to create a Qi 1.2 certified wireless charging system using a NXQ1TXH5 controller and driver IC. Because of the growing technological need of on-board charging and charging flexibility small size, high efficiency and high reliability are common standards for evaluating high-performance chargers. The design of the systems starts with researching and understanding how a full bridge resonant inverter functions. The main things that need to be understood for grasping this resonant inverter's method of operation are when and why the transistors in the bridge switch, the three main frequency modes of operating and the resonant circuit and its parameters e.g. Q-factor. Another part of this project is to understand and implementing the Qi 1.2 standard and all of its specifications and requirements. This standard covers two types of devices that are both required for the whole system to function.



    31st International Scientific Conference Electronics, ET 2022, 2022, Bulgaria, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE

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