Autors: Hinov, N. L.
Title: New Method for Analysis and Design Consideration of Voltage Source Inverters
Keywords: Analysis; Design Consideration; Voltage Source Inverters

Abstract: This manuscript proposes a new unified approach for the analysis of voltage source inverters that summarizes and unifies the operating modes of a whole class of inverters powered by a voltage source: resonant, aperiodic and voltage source inverters. The study was performed on a full-bridge circuit of a series RLC inverter with reverse diodes, operating in aperiodic mode. Based on the community of processes in the power circuits, the expressions for the current through the load and the voltage of the capacitor in condensed form with their initial phases are determined. These basic ratios are presented in a normalized form according to the control frequency, thus summarizing the operation of the inverters with a control frequency below and above the quasiresonant. A methodology for designing a voltage source inverter was developed, considered as a special case of a series RLC inverter with inverse diodes when operating in aperiodic mode and super-quasi-resonant frequency.



    Energies, vol. 15, issue 10, 2022, Switzerland, MDPI, Basel, Switzerland

    Copyright MDPI AG

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