Autors: Pleshkova, s. g.
Title: Geometric thermal infrared camera calibration for target tracking by a mobile robot
Keywords: Geometric camera calibration; Thermal imaging; Thermal objec

Abstract: Geometric calibration of thermal cameras is an important primary step in applications where thermal vision is employed for the localization of thermal objects within the field of view of the camera. The geometric thermal camera calibration method proposed in this paper provides camera parameters used for the transformation of the thermal objects coordinates from the 3D world reference frame to 2D image frame and vice versa based on a low cost test pattern prepared for thermal camera calibration. The accuracy and functionality of the suggested method in real world applications are verified by applying it to a mobile robot equipped with a thermal camera for tracking a human target.


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, vol. 67, issue 1, pp. Pages 109 - 114, 2014, Bulgaria, Comptes Rendus de L'Academie Bulgare des Sciences, ISBN ISSN 13101331

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