Autors: Gechev, T. M., Mruzek, M., Barta, D.
Title: Comparison of real driving cycles and consumed braking power in suburban Slovakian driving
Keywords: real driving cycle, consumed energy, braking, suburban, Slov

Abstract: The paper compares the features of suburban real driving cycles performed with CORRSYS DATRON measurement equipment on routes in the region of Žilina, Slovakia. It observes differences in the maximum and average vehicle velocities and the amount of braking in relation to the elevation profile of each individual cycle. Consumed braking power was also calculated in the different cycles in order to review the potential electricity regeneration capabilities of hybrid electric vehicles, operating on the same routes. The change in braking energy depending on vehicle mass and presence of grade on the routes in the measured cycles was also assessed. The calculations and plotting were done by using Matlab software.


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MATEC Web Conf. Volume, vol. 133, pp. 02003, 2017, Bulgaria, EDP Sciences, DOI 10.1051/matecconf/201713302003

Copyright EDP Sciences

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