Autors: Stefanov, B. I., Milusheva, V. S., Kolev, H. G., Tzaneva, B. R.
Title: Photocatalytic activation of TiO2-functionalized anodic aluminium oxide for electroless copper deposition
Keywords: tio2, anodic alumina, AAO, photodeposition, copper, electrol

Abstract: We demonstrate conductive copper layer patterning of TiO2-functionalized anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) by means of Cu electroless deposition (Cu-ELD). 4 μm thick AAO layers were obtained by anodization of Al foil at 140 V in 5% H3PO4 and functionalization with TiO2 by dip-coating in a salicylic-acid-based Ti sol. We show that TiO2 functionalization improves the AAO chemical stability at pH 12.8, allowing its metallization in an alkaline, HCHO-based Cu-ELD bath. In lieu of a noble metal catalyst, surface activation of TiO2/AAO was accomplished by photocatalytic reduction of a Cu[EDTA] complex under ultraviolet (UV) illumination through a photomask. The effects of UV dose on the photocatalytic activation of TiO2/AAO were studied in the range 1.25–20 J cm−2. Uniform surface coverage of reduction products were obtained at doses ≤7.5 J cm−2, followed by the formation of 100–500 nm particles upon prolonged UV exposure. XPS analysis revealed a mixed phase Cu+ : Cu2+ composition ..



    Catalysis Science & Technology, vol. 12, issue 23, pp. 7027-7037, 2022, United Kingdom, Royal Society of Chemistry,

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