Autors: Marinova, G. I., Bitri, A. K.
Title: Assessment and forecast of EDA Company Viability in Case of Disruptive Technological Events
Keywords: EDA industry, Company viability, Forecasting, Disruptive Tec

Abstract: This paper proposes a model to analyze, assess and forecast the viability of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies that operate in a dynamic environment. Due to the technological advancements and the specific characteristics of this industry, companies that operate in the market are under continuous pressure to innovate their products, to find new policies of investment, strategies and forms of business model organization to maintain viability. Knowledge-intensive industries, like EDA,are known for needing continuous access to new knowledge, talents, and experts and a lot of research and development activity. Not all companies can provide in time the necessary results and innovation to compete in the market, so most of them dissolve, merge, or are being acquired.



    Proceedings of the 10th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling MATHMOD'2022, vol. Report 17, pp. 33-34, 2022, Austria, ARGESIM, ISBN 978-3-901608-95-7, DOI: 10.11128/arep.17.a17084 33

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