Autors: Ivanova, D. A.
Title: Proactive intelligent system for early detection of thyroid anomalies
Keywords: early detection, thyroid anomalies, artificial intelligence

Abstract: The rapid development of the field of computer and software sciences affects all spheres of life, including the field of medicine and health care. Early diagnosis of diseases and personalized therapy require the use of modern information technology and artificial intelligence to assist doctors in early diagnosis and decision making. The paper proposes the proactive intelligent system that is designed to be used for early diagnosis of thyroid disease. The system is based on artificial intelligence methods and approaches to analyze the big biomedical data and telemedicine tools with respect to early detection of thyroid abnormalities and personalized therapy. The proactive intelligent system provides the patients opportunities to receive a preliminary diagnosis based on blood and medical imaging tests and the opportunity to verification of the diagnosis by a doctor.



    AIP Publishing, vol. 2505, pp. 020002-1–020002-4, 2022, United States, AIP Publishing,

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