Autors: Petrinska, I. C.
Title: Energy Efficient and Economically Effective Reconstruction of the Lighting System of a Lecture Hall
Keywords: economically efficient lighting reconstruction; energy effic

Abstract: Energy efficiency of lighting systems is nowadays inevitably interconnected with LEDs as sources of light. The current paper discusses the opportunity for energy efficient and at the same time economically effective reconstruction of a lecture hall at the Technical University of Sofia. Several variations of the lighting system are simulated and estimated economically including retrofit replacement of the fluorescent T8 tubes and keeping the luminaires places and housing, replacement of the luminaires, but keeping their arrangement and entire replacement and rearrangement of the luminaires. The LENI factor is estimated for each case and economical appraisal by means of NPV and LCC methods is carried out.



    Lighting 2022, pp. 1-4, 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-166545314-1

    Copyright IEEE

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