Autors: Kountchev, R. K., Mironov, R. P., Kountcheva, R. A.
Title: Third-Order Tensor Decorrelation Based on 3D FO-HKLT with Adaptive Directional Vectorization
Keywords: 3D Frequency-Ordered Adaptive Hierarchical KLT; adaptive dir

Abstract: In this work, we present a new hierarchical decomposition aimed at the decorrelation of a cubical tensor of size 2n, based on the 3D Frequency-Ordered Hierarchical KLT (3D FO-HKLT). The decomposition is executed in three consecutive stages. In the first stage, after adaptive directional vectorization (ADV) of the input tensor, the vectors are processed through one-dimensional FO-Adaptive HKLT (FO-AHKLT), and after folding, the first intermediate tensor is calculated. In the second stage, on the vectors obtained after ADV of the first intermediate tensor, FO-AHKLT is applied, and after folding, the second intermediate tensor is calculated. In the third stage, on the vectors obtained from the second intermediate tensor, ADV is applied, followed by FO-AHKLT, and the output tensor is obtained. The orientation of the vectors, calculated from each tensor, could be horizontal, vertical or lateral. The best orientation is chosen through analysis of their covariance matrix, based on its symmet



    MDPI Symmetry, vol. 14, issue 5, pp. 854, 2022, Switzerland, MDPI, ISSN:20738994, DOI 10.3390/sym14050854

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