Autors: Budakova, D. V., Vasilev, V. E., Stefanov, S. B.
Title: Machine Learning and Virtual Reality Technology in Power Engineering
Keywords: machine learning, virtual reality technologiy, power enginee

Abstract: This article examines the application of Virtual Reality technology for modeling and realistic visualization of processes and phenomena in the field of energetics in order to train and acquaint students, scientists and electrical engineers with: physical and chemical processes which are the basis of electric power engineering; the operation of power plants and power substations; possible emergencies; elimination and prevention of accidents; compensation and storage of electricity in case of shortage or surplus and others. On the other hand, it examines, the use of machine learning to accelerate the process of finding modern solutions to problems in this area such as: dealing with waste such as carbon emissions and radioactive waste; accelerating the finding of new elements to be used for nuclear fuel, for dielectrics, for electron storage and others; These two approaches complement each other. Some achievements in the application of these modeling approaches are also reviewed.



    TechSys'21, vol. 2980(1)04003, 2024, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings, ISSN 1551-7616

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