Autors: Kostov, B. V., Hristov, V. D.
Title: Programming methods comparison in Mitsubishi MELFA robots
Keywords: functions, libraries, subroutines, optimizing, cycle time, i

Abstract: In this paper are comparison of programming with functions and libraries versus standard commands in Mitsubishi MELFA industrial robot is explored. In paper are tests several different methods for programming (Standard program, GoSub; CallP; Function version 1 (using output and external variable); Function version 2 (using ByRef)). This comparison is done with the purpose of providing method for optimizing the cycle time of the robot job and reducing the cost of software maintenance. The results of the research show that one method is approximately seven times faster than the slowest method



    7th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, 2022, Poland,

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