Autors: Hristov, V. D., Stoyanov, H. L., Slavov, D. V.
Title: Development of Software for Research of Static Mechanical Characteristics in Condenser Mode of Asynchronous Motor
Keywords: condenser braking modes of asynchronous motors , mechanical

Abstract: In the article are developed software application provides a convenient and fast way to calculate and draw mechanical characteristics that can be studied by varying the parameters of the circuit. The software product is written in object-oriented programming language C# and desktop application development platform (WPF) for Windows, based on XML programming language, in which the code is well structured, easy to read and allows for quick correction of elements in the graphics part of the application. The graphical model of the mechanical characteristics was created with the help of the OxyPlot library, which has many integrated functions, both for the drawing of the data series and for the layout of the whole graphic model. It includes the coordinate system, mechanical characteristics and the legend, and has functions for scaling and tracking each point of the graph, along with its values.



    2022 International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Technologies (ISMSIT), 2022, Turkey, IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/ISMSIT56059.2022.9932854

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