Autors: Gechev, T. M., Punov, P. B., Barta, D.
Title: Simple 1-D model performance comparison of a single cylinder ICE fueled by gasoline and methane
Keywords: ICE, gasoline, methane, performance, 1-D, model, Ricardo Wav

Abstract: The paper presents a simple 1-D model of a single cylinder spark-ignited aspirated ICE created by means of the software product Ricardo WaveBuild. The geometrical parameters of the model are based on the geometry of a real spark-ignited engine-generator with 196 cm3 engine displacement and 3.73 kW engine nominal power at 3000 min-1. The aim of the paper is to present, analyze and compare the engine performance over the full speed range of the engine for two different fuels – gasoline and methane. The obtained results reveal higher brake torque, brake power, thermal efficiency, but also brake specific fuel consumption for the case of gasoline fuel. These results confirm the already available results from older research cited in the literary review, and they also verify the model nominal power against the one supplied by the producer of the engine. One of the final goals of our study is to use the results from the current model for constructing an experimental test-bench.


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PROCEEDINGS OF UNIVERSITY OF RUSE, vol. 61, issue 4, pp. 39-47, 2022, Bulgaria, University of Rousse, ISSN 2603-4123

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