Autors: Kougioumtzidis, G. V., Poulkov, V. K., Zaharis, Z.D., Lazaridis, P.I.
Title: Intelligent and QoE-aware Open Radio Access Networks
Keywords: Network architecture; Quality of service; Radio; Building blockes; Embeddings; Future wireless networks; Intelligence models; ITS architecture; Radio access networks; RAN architecture; Radio access networks

Abstract: The open radio access network (O-RAN) concept refers to the architectural design of next generation RAN that is built on the principles of openness and intelligence. This paper presents an overview of the concept of O-RAN, by analyzing its architecture and examining its main building blocks. Moreover, it highlights the significance of quality of experience (QoE) for the envisioned future wireless networks, and analyzes the importance of integrating QoE-awareness in O-RAN's design. Furthermore, it provides an analysis of the methodology of embedding artificial intelligence models in O-RAN's architecture with the form of xApps.



    in Proceedings of URSI Atlantic and Asia Pacific Radio Science Meeting (AT-AP-RASC), Gran Canaria, Spain, 30 May - 04 June 2022, 2022, Spain, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.23919/AT-AP-RASC54737.2022.9814435

    Copyright IEEE

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