Autors: Petkov, N., Christoff, N. V., Manolova, A. H., Tonchev, K., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Comparative Study of Latent-Sensitive Processing of Heterogeneous Data in an Experimental Platform for 3D Video Holographic Communication
Keywords: augmented reality; holograms; holographic communication; imm

Abstract: Holographic communication is a complete human-computer-machine interface that combines augmented reality and virtual reality telepresence to create real-life digital scans and realistic 3D avatars of subjects that are displayed in a mixed reality environment and used for real-time communication and interaction between remote users. The latency that exists while relaying the realistic impression of presence in a remote location to a local human user is impeding the acceptability of immersive telepresence systems. Motion sickness, caused by the misalignment between the user's motion and the visual response, is one of the main reasons for the slow adoption of these systems. In this paper we explore two use case scenarios to measure the calculated transmission time of heterogeneous data, including key points of the 3D model of the body, face or hands, so as to meet the limitations of bandwidth and latency in current and future networks..



    in Proceedings of Global Conference on Wireless and Optical Technologie (GCWOT), Malaga, Spain, 14-17 February 2022, 2022, Spain, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/GCWOT53057.2022.9772902

    Copyright IEEE

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