Autors: Shoikova, E. D., Krumova, M. Y.
Title: Models of training based on competencies 2.0
Keywords: learning models, web 2.0 technologies, learning proces

Abstract: The research aims to present competency-based learning models and to analyze the impact of web 2.0 technologies integrated into innovative learning scenarios for competence development and added value in the learning process. The practical implementation of the innovative scenarios was done at the University of Library Science and Information Technologies (UniBIT) with students in software engineering (SI) and in qualification courses for computer science teachers within the international project TEMPUS PICTET, as well as at TU - Sofia, with students from FM and FCSM.



    Journal of Automation and Informatics, issue 4, pp. 14-24, 2014, Bulgaria, ISSN 0861-7562

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