Autors: Krumova, M. Y., Shoikova, E.
Title: Researching Competency Models
Keywords: competency, models, education, practice

Abstract: In the context of competency based education, the development of competency models is a base for measuring the educational goals. The models can be used to identify the competencies by which employees need to improve performance in their current job or to prepare for another. This research paper presents different competency models. The goal is to point the attention on diversity of the models and usefulness of their application in practice. The discussion is about: spider (Germany), pyramid (USA), ball (UK), T-model (USA), tree (Finland) and onion model (USA).



    XVIII International Scientific and Applied Science Conference Electronics, issue 2, pp. 8-13, 2009, Bulgaria, Annual Journal of Electronics, TU-Sofia, ISSN 1313-1842

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    Вид: публикация в национален форум с межд. уч.