Autors: Antoniy Petrov., Taneva, A. M.
Title: Network Design for Gathering Data in Manufacturing Process
Keywords: industrial network, OPC servers

Abstract: Many network specifications are open and vendor independent of industrial communication systems. The goal of this work is to design and present industrial network for gathering predefined data of manufacturing process. The new here is the network structure and its application in industrial area, collecting data and its representation. In this way the process can be observed, the optimized control strategy can be found and the maintenance of the equipment can be done. The key elements in industrial network designing are: the choice of proper communication protocol or set of protocols depending on selected equipment; the proper physical connection depending on the protocol and infrastructure requirements. Industrial network creation allows not only to collect all necessary data but further usage of it for calculation, presentation and reflects to it robustness. Hence the article is useful for the upcoming Industry 4.0, which needs and proceeds of such solutions.



    2022 International Conference Automatics and Informatics (ICAI), pp. 335 - 338, 2022, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN Abstract:

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