Autors: Pandelova A. L., Vladov S., Stoyanov, N. S., Dzhudzhev, B. P.
Title: System for Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental Data
Keywords: Database, Light sensor, Linux, NOVA SD011 Sensor, Temperatur

Abstract: Most of the employees in the office have no idea what health risks the work environment hides for them. It is important to maintain a healthy working environment in the office, as this can reduce the absence of sick staff and their good tonus can be maintained. An environmental data monitoring and analysis system has been developed, which includes a particulate matter sensor, a light sensor and a temperature sensor. The system includes three main units - sensor part with three different sensors, Arduino Nano sensor communication platform and web server for communication with which the Linux operating system is used. The necessary settings have been made for reading data from the sensors, converting them into digital form, storing them in a database and graphical visualization of the measured values. When visualizing the measurements, the period of visualization can be chosen - from the last hour to one year ago. The developed system has been tested for monitoring the environment of a


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PROCEEDINGS OF THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOFIA, vol. 72, issue 2, pp. 38, 2022, Bulgaria, 2738-8549/DOI: 10.47978/TUS.2022.72.02.007

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