Autors: Petrova, Z. A., Puleva, T. T.
Title: Oscilation Properties of the Mathematical Model of Hydro Turbine with a long Penstock - Part 1
Keywords: Water turbine, speed control, long penstock modeling, Pade a

Abstract: In this paper a detailed model of the system hydro-turbine generating unit with a long penstock is described. Different model approximations are investigated. They are based on the Pade approximation of the time delay and on the approximation of the hyperbolic function in the model description. A speed and power control system using LQR technique is designed. The controller structure incorporates a conventional PID control and a water column compensation. Different water column compensations based on the approximation of the hyperbolic function are investigated. An exact water column compensation is proposed. It is shown that a water column compensation improves the stability margins and dynamic performance.



    AIP Conf. Proceedings, 47 Int. Confer. of Application of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE2021, vol. 2505, 2022, United States, American Institute of Physics, ISBN ISBN: 978-0-7354-4396-9

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