Autors: Mateev, V. M., Dipchev M., Marinova, I. Y.
Title: Efficiency of Frequency Oriented Approach for Resonant Wireless Power Transfer
Keywords: Wireless communication, Coils, Inductance, Solid modeling, T

Abstract: This work presents modeling of a wireless power transmission system, based on a circuit model taking into account electromagnetic coupling and coils system mutual inductance. The power transmission is based on coupling of resistive induction coils with ferromagnetic concentrators. Electromagnetic field modeling is performed by a 3D finite element method model, applied to estimate coils self and mutual inductance in different axial relative distances. Resonant frequencies of transmitting and receiving coils are calculated due to mutual induction variation. The obtained results are analyzed from the point of view of the electromagnetic field in wireless power transfer in order to obtain optimal transmission power under various conditions such as transmitting distance, mutual inductance, frequency variation and output load.



    3th National Conference with International Participation (ELECTRONICA), 2022, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/ELECTRONICA55578.2022.9874428

    Copyright IEEE

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