Autors: Nedelchev, M. V., Stosic, B.
Title: Transmission Line-based Wave Digital Models of Inphase Gysel Power Dividers
Keywords: Gysel power divider; passive device modeling; power divider; transmission line; wave digital model

Abstract: The paper proposes a framework for the design of the wave digital (WD) model of three-port microwave device. To accomplish this task, transmission line (TL)-based wave digital approach is applied, i.e. basic wave digital building blocks like unit elements, circuit elements and interconnection networks are used. As a case study, traditional Gysel power divider and modified Gysel power divider are considered. Clearly, the formed TL-based WD models of these power dividers are in a very good agreement with such models formed in Advanced Design System schematic and HFSS electromagnetic simulation software.



    45th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing, TSP 2022, pp. 23 - 26, 2022, Hungary, DOI 10.1109/TSP55681.2022.9851370

    Copyright IEEE

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