Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Zh. Kalitchin., Stoyanova, Y. S.
Title: Wear of High-Technology Coatings, Deposited by High-Velocity Oxygen Flame (HVOF)
Keywords: tribology, wear, coatings, HVOF

Abstract: One of the methods for decreasing the wearing degree in contacting joints and increasing the resource of the machines and the mechanisms is the deposition of composite powder coatings of super-alloys using the supersonic flame jet (HVOF –High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel). Using this contemporary technology one obtains coatings, which have considerably improved mechanical and tribological characteristics – high adhesion strength of bonding with the substrate, density, hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion stability.The subject of the present book is the processes and the mechanisms of wearing the composite powder coatings of super-alloys, deposited by a high-velocity flame jet - HVOF at a velocity of the flame jet 1000 m/s of powder composites,containing micro-particles having different chemical compositions – nickel,tungsten, boron, silicon, manganese, and various percentages of their content and different sizes of the powder particles.The structure of the book includes an рreface.



    United Kingdom, London, pp. 183, 2022, India, United Kingdom, London, ISBN 978-93-5547-885-6 (Print), ISBN 978-93-5547-886-3 (eBook),DOI: 10.9734/bpi/mono/978-93-5547-885-6

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