Autors: Zhmud, V.A., Fomin, Y.N., Tereshkin D.O., Semibalamut V.M., Stukach O.V., Dimitrov, L. V.
Title: Broadband Signal Recorder with Reference to Space-Time Coordinates for Electrical Exploration Geophysical Works
Keywords: Signal Recorder,

Abstract: The paper solves the problem of creating a device for electrical measurements for the purpose of geological research. There are a large number of data acquisition and processing systems, analog-to-digital converters and other serial processing technical means for measuring and storing analog electrical data with their preliminary conversion into digital readings. This is done for the purpose of subsequent processing of these signals, which allows calculating some characteristics, which are then used to calculate and model the characteristics of soil, rocks, etc. These electrical measurements for geological and geophysical surveys require the reference of the readings to an absolute grid of spatial coordinates and to absolute time. Such a binding is carried out using special communication units with global satellite systems GPS and GLONASS. These units are independently capable of communicating with the …



    2022 Moscow Workshop on Electronic and Networking Technologies (MWENT), 2022, Russia, IEEE, ISBN Electronic ISBN:978-1-6654-9666-7

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