Autors: Gergova, Z. K., Iatcheva, I. I., Darjanova, D. P.
Title: Influence of some design parameters on the performance of powerful reactors
Keywords: 3D FEM analysis,

Abstract: The paper deals with magnetic field of powerful reactor made of straight lamellae. The influence of the structure (number, location and dimensions of the non-magnetic gaps) on the distribution of the magnetic flux and the performance parameters of the reactor has been studied using COMSOL 5.2 software. The field is analyzed as 3D and taking into account nonlinear characteristics of the materials. As a result of optimization procedure are obtained the most advantageous proportions in the size of non-magnetic gaps, corresponding to a given current density.



    2016 19th International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies (SIELA), 2016, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/SIELA.2016.7543005

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