Autors: Stefanova A., Georgiev G., Serbezov, V. S.
Title: Assessment of Methods for Fan Blades Arrangement for Static Balancing of the Fan of a Turbofan Engine
Keywords: Turbofan engine, Fan balancing, Iterative balancing algorith

Abstract: The fan blades of a high by-pass ratio turbofan engines require frequent maintenance actions due to erosion and foreign object damage. To keep the fan disk imbalance within limits when repairing or replacing fan blades a fan blades rearrangement procedure must be applied. In this work various methods of fan blades (re)arrangement are suggested and evaluated by applying them on large number of randomly generated sets of fan blades for a typical commercial turbo fan engine. A special attention is payed to the subsequent minimization of the resultant moment of imbalance by applying all to all blade switch recursive algorithms. The optimum values of the recursive algorithm parameters are determined. The results of the investigation show that the resultant moment of imbalance of the fan can be significantly reduced, compared to the standard methods used in the most of the airplane maintenance and repair organizations.



    International Conference on Reliable Systems Engineering (ICoRSE) - 2022, pp. 146-159, 2022, Romania, Springer International Publishing,

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