Autors: Vladimirov, I. H., Nikolova, D. V., Terneva, Z. A.
Title: Modifying a Kinect v2 sensor to be able to connect to a Windows PC without the use of a Microsoft OEM adapter
Keywords: Kinect v2 Sensor, Modification, Microsoft OEM adapter, USB 3

Abstract: This document gives the steps and procedure for modifying a Kinect v2 sensor in order to connect to a USB port on a Windows Personal Computer without using the official Microsoft OEM adapter. For this adaptation, the following items have been used: Kinect v2, Power supply adapter, F144 DC chassis jack, USB 3.0 cable type A-B, single conductor cable and a soldering iron. The idea behind this alteration is to find an alternative form to conjoin Kinect and PC after the not so recent announcement that Microsoft has discontinued the manufacturing of Kinect v2 adapters.


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ICEST Conference, issue 54, pp. 173 - 174, 2019, Serbia, Technical University of Sofia Publishing House, ISBN ISSN: 2603-3267

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