Autors: Vladkova T. G., Georgieva, N., Staneva A., Gospodinova, D. N.
Title: Recent Progress in Antioxidant Active Substances from Marine Biota
Keywords: natural antioxidants; marine sources; antioxidant substances; derivation technologies

Abstract: Background: The well-recognized but not fully explored antioxidant activity of marinebiota-derived, biologically active substances has led to interest in their study as substitutes of antibiotics, antiaging agents, anticancer and antiviral drugs, and others. The aim of this review is to present the current state of the art of marine-biota-derived antioxidants to give some ideas for potential industrial applications. Methods: This review is an update for the last 5 years on the marine sources of natural antioxidants, different classes antioxidant compounds, and current derivation biotechnologies. Results: New marine sources of antioxidants, including byproducts and wastes,are presented, along with new antioxidant substances and derivation approaches. Conclusions: The interest in high-value antioxidants from marine biota continues. Natural substances combining antioxidant and antimicrobial action are of particular interest because of the increasing microbial resistance to antibiotic



    Antioxidants, vol. 11, issue 3, pp. 1-27, 2022, Switzerland, MDPI, DOI 10.3390/antiox11030439

    Copyright MDPI

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