Autors: Baeva, S. K., Nikolov N.
Title: Creating a Website for Optimal Distribution of Investments of a High-Tech Company
Keywords: website, optimal distribution of investments, High-Tech Comp

Abstract: We live in uncertain times, with economies collapsing every day, businesses going bankrupt and investments failing. Large corporations have difficulty allocating their budgets. Small and medium-sized businesses are in an unstable period, and there is no guarantee of success. To secure themselves, many companies are starting work on more than one business project. However, this leads to uncertainty as to which of the used to rely on at a critical moment and, accordingly, leads to failure and losses. Providing a platform or business application through which corporations can safely choose the most profitable project to develop on is their salvation - minimal losses and maximum profits. This is exactly the type of project this work presents.



    48th International Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, vol. Volume 2939, pp. 070001-1–070001-10, 2023, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings,

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