Autors: Ivanova, M. S.
Title: Learning Performance Improvement Through Participation in Online Seminar: Machine Learning Analysis
Keywords: eLearning Informatics; Learning Analytics; Learning Performance; Online Seminar; Competences; Machine Learning

Abstract: Learning performance is related to students’ learning activities during a learning process. Their learning behavior could lead to successful course accomplishment or not, to better or worse final marks. In online environment, the seminars could be organized in the form of different learning scenarios and it depends on the functional and technical features of the organized educational environment as well as on the course goal. In this paper an investigation and analysis of students’ participation in online seminars is conducted with aim to understand the dependence between their learning performance, online tasks realization and final results. Machine learning algorithms are utilized to group students according to their learning behavior and final outcome. The created analytical models could be in support of educators and students to improve their educational activities.



    Fourth International Conference "Innovative STEM Education" STEMEDU-2022, vol. 4, pp. 69-78, 2022, Bulgaria, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria, ISSN: 2683-1333/ DOI:

    Copyright IMI at BAS

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