Autors: Dineva, P., Stoynov, Y. D., Rangelov, T.
Title: Dynamic fracture behavior of nanocracked graded magnetoelectroelastic solid
Keywords: Anti-plane elastodynamics, Boundary integral equation method, Functional graded material, Magnetoelectroelasticity, Gurtin - Murdoch model, Nano-crack

Abstract: Time-harmonic SH-wave scattering by a nanocrack in a continuously inhomogeneous magnetoelectroelastic (MEE) plane with exponentially dependent material parameters and under conditions of anti-plane strain is studied. A non-hypersingular, traction-based boundary integral equation method (BIEM) for solution of the problem under consideration is presented. The BIEM formulation combines classical elastodynamic theory for the graded bulk MEE solid with non-classical boundary conditions and the localized constitutive law for the MEE matrix–nanocrack interface within the framework of the Gurtin–Murdoch theory. The presented parametric study reveals the degree of dependence of the dynamic fracture characteristics on the size of the nanocrack, surface and bulk material properties, coupled nature of the magnetoeletroelasticity, properties of the incident wave as frequency, wave length and wave propagation direction, dynamic interaction between the nanocrack, incident wave and coupled continuum.



    Archive of Applied Mechanics, vol. 91, issue 4, pp. 1495 - 1508, 2021, Germany, Springer Nature, DOI 09391533/10.1007/s00419-020-01835-8

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    1. Junhua Xiao, Guoyi Feng, Mengyu Su, Yaoling Xu, Fucheng Zhang, Fracture analysis on periodic radial cracks emanating from a nano-hole with surface effects in magnetoelectroelastic materials, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 258, 108115 - 2021 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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