Autors: Danlos, A., Podevin, P., Deligant, M., Clenci, A., Punov, P. B., Guilain, S.
Title: Turbocharger surge behavior for sudden valve closing downstream the compressor and effect of actuating variable nozzle turbine
Keywords: Surge, Turbocharger, Variable Nozzle Turbine

Abstract: Surge is an unstable phenomenon appearing when a valve closing reduces the compressor flow rate. This phenomenon is avoided for automotive turbochargers by defining a surge margin during powertrain system design. This surge margin established with measurements in steady state testing regime limits the maximal engine torque at low levels of output. An active control of the compressor could reduce the surge margin and facilitate a transient compressor operation for a short time in surge zone. In this paper, an experimental study of the transient operation of a turbocharger compressor entering the surge zone is performed. Control of the turbocharger speed is sought to avoid unsteady operation using the variable geometry turbine (VGT) nozzle actuator. From a given stable operating point, surge is induced by reducing the opening of a valve located downstream of the compressor air circuit.


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