Autors: Hristov, V. D., Saliev, D. N., Slavov, D. V.
Title: Artificial Intelligence Systems For Warehouses Stocks Control
Keywords: artificial intelligence, raspberry pi, machine vision, wareh

Abstract: This paper presents an image recognition methodology designed to manage warehouse inventory using artificial intelligence. The system is implemented with low-cost hardware, which makes it accessible to developers of such systems. The different types of warehouse management activities are presented, as warehouses are one of the most successfully developing sectors for the last 10 years worldwide. The process is also related to the growth of e-commerce, which leads to the natural process of constantly increasing the number of warehouses. Warehouses must meet a number of modern management conditions so that minimization of errors in deliveries to the end user is achieved and the preparation of shipments for delivery is as fast as possible. This methodology allows to build a large part of the activities in the warehouses, through autonomous systems using artificial intelligence running on low-cost resources.



    International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Agricultural Engineering (EE&AE), 2022, Bulgaria,

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