Autors: Toshkov, E. T.
Title: Build-up of hybrid installation with ground source heat pump and solar collectors
Keywords: Ground source heat pumps, solar collectors, hybrid system

Abstract: An experimental hybrid installation with ground-source heat pump and solar collectors was constructed at the Technical University of Sofia, branch Plovdiv. It has to be used for space heating and air conditioning. The main parts of a system are: three flat plate solar thermal collectors, two borehole heat exchangers, water-water heat pump, water tank, buffer vessel, brazed plate heat exchanger, circulating pumps, remote controlled valves, measuring sensors and devices. The installation can operate in different regimes to achieve optimal results. It has also the possibility to store heat into the ground in different seasons depending on the needs for heating and cooling.



    Thermo techniques, vol. 4, issue 2, pp. 24-27, 2013, Bulgaria, TU-Varna, ISSN 1314-2550

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