Autors: Aleksandrova, M. P.
Title: Electrical Characterization of Flexible Organic Electroluminescent Devices by Impedance Measurement
Keywords: Flexible Light Emitting Device, Organic Films, Spray Deposition, Impedance Spectroscopy

Abstract: Flexible light emitting devices are prepared on polyethyleneterephthalateglycol foil, consisting of spray deposited and vacuum thermal evaporated organic electroluminescent layers. Both types of structures are electrically characterized by impedance spectroscopy technique and current-voltage measurement. Information about contact and bulk resistance, interface capacities and dielectric losses is received. They determine the maximal frequency of device’s pixels refresh, which are 2 MHz for the sprayed layers and 10 kHz for the thermal evaporated structures. The complex impedance of the devices was measured in the frequency range of 100 Hz-1MHz. The contact resistance is nine times lower (490 Ω) and the interface capacity is one order of magnitude lower (100 pF) for the spray deposited structure compared with the thermal evaporated. This can be ascribed to the high uniformity of the pulverized layers, which are also more stable against current flow, because of the lower deposition tempe



    ANNUAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS, vol. 7, pp. 231-234, 2013, Bulgaria,

    Вид: постер/презентация в международен форум, публикация в реферирано издание