Autors: Hinov, N. H., Gilev, B. G., Ivan S. Hristov.
Title: MATLAB/Simulink-Based Linearization Model of a Boost DC-DC Converter
Keywords: mathematical modeling, model linearization, robust analysis,

Abstract: In this paper is presented MATLAB/Simulink base approach for robustness analysis of a power electronics devises. Analyzed problem is very important for design, control synthesis, maintains and operation of power electronic devices and systems. The process of robustness analysis is described in details step by step with example of Boost DC/DC converter with current mode control. Presented paper are done based on linearized model, which allows automated execution, without the need of special knowledge in mathematics and control system subjects. This is helpful for the students which don’t have very deep knowledge in the fundamental sciences to design power electronic devices with certain parameters and working conditions. On the other hands the presented results are giving opportunity for fast evaluation and fine tuning the parameters of the controller, which is useful for synthesis of optimal control.



    26th International Conference ELECTRONICS 2022, 2022, Lithuania, IEEE Lithuania Section, DOI: 10.11009/IEEECONF55059.2022.9810375 ISBN: 978-1-6654-8321-6

    Copyright IEEE Lithuania Section

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