Autors: Mikhov, M. R., Zhilevski, M. M.
Title: Performance Improvement of a Type of Milling Machines
Keywords: milling machine, modernization, additional coordinate axes, multi-coordinate driving system, performance improvement

Abstract: Problems in modernization of a type of milling machines are discussed in this paper. Two additional controlled axes are applied, namely a table rotation (axis 4) and tilting of this table (axis 5). The machines under consideration are attributed to those with multi-coordinate electric driving systems. The main requirements for the drive characteristics of each coordinate axis are formulated. A number of models for computer simulation with various electric drives have been developed aiming at studying their dynamic and static regimes for the respective control algorithms. The experimental research carried out confirms good performance of the electric drives applied. The results of this study can be used in the design and set up of such multi-coordinate driving systems.


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International Conference “Research and Development in Mechanical Industry", vol. 1, pp. 218-227, 2013, Serbia, SaTCIP, ISBN 978-86-6075-042-8

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